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Thursday, September 30, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

Ok! lets start the last task (yahoooo...!) This one is easier i guess. Just pictures. But seriously, I still want to tell you about my friend's iPhone.  

This just came back to me. Actually I did touched an iPhone once. Its on my third year in UPSI. My friend bought it. Waah... me and the others was so jealous of him. He gets to use an iPhone while us, still using a "stone aged" handphone.

We did get the chance to touch and try it for about 10 seconds. Most of us afraid that we might drop it in the process so no one is brave enough to hold it longer than 10 seconds.

Since that day, we become obsessed with the tech. The jealousy towards my iPhone friend increased especially when we saw him playing or texting with his iPhone in front of our sad eyes. So we began to dream that one day, we'll have a better iPhone, or maybe, more iPhone than him. Hahaha

Click to enlarge... I insist!
Daydreaming was the best thing to do for students with financial problems like us. It helped in calming ourselves. You should try it too! haha. Then, my iPhone friend did it again. Everytime he calls his girlfriend, he did it in front of us. What an eyesore! Calling a girl using an iPhone in front of us??
"Sayang... sayang watpe tuuu... dah makan le beloom? abang winduu laaaa"
Arrgh!!! from that day, most of us began to hallucinate about iPhone. Everything look just like an iPhone!

I still strongly insist that you click to enlarge the picture...
See?? even the stars looks like an iPhone! But we still managed to get a hold of ourselves. And this was where the most irritating part happened. My iPhone friend suddenly became famous among our coursemates. And worse, all the nice looking girl also began to approach him. Huh!! that was the one thing that we cannot do in a thousand years and he managed to did it with an iPhone in his hand.

We can't survive anymore. We became addicted to iPhone. Just like a drug addict. We began to shiver in coldness. And no one was there for us. The word "iPhone" crossed our head like almost of the time....

You can click to enlarge.. you know it right??
That was our dark ages. But somehow we managed to survive. My iPhone friend did not do anymore 'stunts' that can make us kill ourselves just to get an iPhone.

This is the last pic. Click to enlarge. Or I'll do it myself! hehehe

But my story has a happy ending. You know that right? it is where the good people laugh together at the end of the story. One day, we found out that my friend's so called expensive iPhone was actually made in China. It only cost around RM400. Hahahaha. My handphone is more expensive lah!

That wraps up the final task. I'm enjoying the past four days completing this Digi iPhone 4 contest by Nuffnang. Wish me luck. And good luck to other contestants. Chaaaaw!!!

Ps : The story above is true. except for the hallucinating and iPhone addicted part. Made that up just to spice up the story! hehehehe 

My first Task : DiGi iPhone 4 Me
My second task :   

DiGi iPhone 4 Play 

My Third task :  

DiGi iPhone 4 Real 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Today I'll post the third entry for this contest by Nuffnang entitled "as written above". Can I make it in time? hope so. The closing date is on the 1st October right? *smile*

Ok lets move on. On the previous entry I have express my 'feelings' on Why I want a Digi iPhone 4 and which is my iPhone  favorite apps. As for today, I will let ourselves to be surprised on what Digi iPhone 4 plans has to offer us. And why I love it, of course. Citizens, behold !!

Actually I have posted this table in my first task. but what the heck. Lets do this again.
Having an iPhone 4 without Digi is like giving hugs without a squeeze. Its also the same as having a ketupat without rendang on Hari Raya. In other words, if you intend to make your life colorful with iPhone 4, you must have Digi with it. If not, your life will be colorless, if you know what I mean.

Why do I love this Digi iPhone 4 plans? Ok, lets assume that I'm still a student. So I will go for the Rm58 per month plan right? (being a student  means you have choose the cheapest menu okay). 

Not this kind of student yah... University student..

With only Rm58, I get to call my parents for 100 minutes and the other 100 minutes to call my sweetheart. And it is Free! Weeee!!. Then comes the free sms, 150 of the free sms will go to my sweetheart, and the other 50 will go my fellow classmates, for the purpose of asking them to do my assignments. hahahaha... My parents, owh they didn't like texting sms. How about the 20 free mms? One word. Girlfriend. It is what normal people do right? On top of that, I get a monthly usage of 1GB internet. Cool!!

Then I'll graduate (actually its next month), get a descent job and dressed up like a politician (hopefully) and all that. At the very least, I will get the RM88 per month plan. 450 minutes of free voice calls?? Amazing!! 200 will go to my parents, 200 will go to my sweetheart, and the other 50, is to call my wedding planner. hehehe. Thats me. How about you guys? Interesting right?

More, I will also get cheaper call rates to 6 of your friends and families. This will make your life better with all the people you love. I love this plans. So should you. Having a Digi iPhone 4 is surely a fortune. For real man! 

You can also replace the 6 FnF with 6 GF (girlfriends). hehehe
Thats it for the third task. Looking forward for the last one yeaah!!! Good luck to us all~~~ For more info on this awesome plans, visit HERE

My first Task : DiGi iPhone 4 Me
My second task :  

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Good Day everybody. As written on the post title, this is the second task of the Digi iPhone 4 contest. By now, most bloggers have completed all 4 task and I'm still here thanks to my "unstable" internet connection for the past few days. That why this is a good time for me to have an iPhone 4 from Digi. hehe

This iPhone will look so much better with my fingers on it. hehehe
Ok fine. I don't have an iPhone. Unsurprisingly, I never touched one. But I surely know that this device can color your life as you wanted it to be. The default apps in it are already mind-blowing. And guess what, you can always browse for more application made only for iPhone. Meaning, you can only use all these marvelous apps just in iPhone, not in your vacuum cleaner. hehe.

I'm a big movie fan. Sometimes I can feel in my forehead, the word 'movie' was written on it (joking!). What does it has to do with iPhone? as I browse on google, I happens to find out that this device has  a Movie Apps. 

Well, with this, I guess one of my dreams has come true. I can always find informations on new movies, trailers, and even the hot babes on the movies. To get it more interesting, I can find the nearest cinemas and book tickets online! wow! All these I can do anytime, and almost anywhere (excepts when i'm swimming.. is iPhone 4 waterproof? heee)

Just with one apps, i'm stunned for a fer second. Wait till I found out more about the other apps. I'm sure everyone felt the same too. This iPhone 4 from Digi, is suitable for anyone alive. Take my mom for an example, she will kiss me all day long if I give her an iPhone 4 with Apps for Cooks.

Again, as I said it many times before, Digi has added more spices to the usage of iPhone. No one could resist and watch this offer slips away. With so much apps in iPhone, there is no telling when will you get bored with it.

As Buzz Lightyear always said, "TO INFINITY..... & BEYOOOOOOND~~~~". 

My first Task : DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Monday, September 27, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

I know its a little late for me to try this, but I still want to try my luck =)

Ok lets start.. Why do I want an iPhone? everybody wants an iPhone. Duhh~~~ Especially when it is free. But why do I wanted it so badly?

Among all types of mobile phones that i live to witness, iPhone 4 is the best. It looks very simple on the outside, but on the inside, well, it is a quite sophisticated and complicated technology. Just like my sweet girlfriend! Simple but complicated. hehehehe. and when you get an iPhone from Digi, it gets better.

The display! owh they're so marvelous. I can even see my pimple without zooming on it. The detailed and futuristic display will surely make your eyes stay open for at least 10 minutes (hehe..). And when you add Digi on it, it will get so much better!

Dont let me start on the recording abilities. Have you watched the iPhone commercial on tv? Yup.. with 720p HD video-recording abilities, you wont have to worry if the cameraman forgot to bring his camcorder on your wedding. And again, if its a Digi iPhone, it gets better. Trust me.

How about the quality? good question. Of course, the quality won't let you down. The screen and the back panel are made from a high quality material, which makes it almost unscratchable (is  this words even exist? haha). And of course, if it is from Digi, it always get better.

This is the main reason why I want this Digi iPhone so badly. Its Applications. Its what I've always wanted since I'm in the Kindergarten. Haha! Plus, with this iPhone 4 you can run your favorite third-party apps, and switch between them instantly without slowing down the performance of the foreground app or draining the battery unnecessarily. This is surely the right device that you can use as a "show off" tool when you hang out with your friends. And when it has Digi on it, it gets way better.

Well, it will takes me till tomorrow to speak about the 'Greatness' of iPhone 4. And as I say it, its gets better and better with Digi with it. Why? Because through Digi iPhone 4 plan, you'll have the advantage of 200 minute free talk time,  200 free sms, and 20 free mms to all operators. Isn't that cool? The price? just RM 58 per month! A very breathtaking offer indeed~~ 

Just look at the following table if you feel bored with my writings.

Amazing how an offer could be....

Ok thats it for now.. I hope I still can enter this irresistible contest. Please Nuffnang.. please.. I beg you!! hehehe... See you again on the second task.


Mari Memasak Buras

[Internet aku buat hal beberapa hari ni... haih down sungguh!!]

Ok ok aku faham... Raya dah lama berlalu. Kuih raya pun sudah tinggal serbuk. Baju Melayu sudah bersemadi di dalam almari.. dan jika ada lagi budak-budak masih nak datang beraya, sudah selayaknya mereka diancam menggunakan penyapu. hehehe

Ketupat? Lemang? Rendang? In your dreams la! dah habis! Tapi aku nak juga memperkenalkan makanan tradisi masyarakat Bugis nih. Kan kita nak ber-1 Malaysia. Kalau nak capai matlamat ni, kita kena start dengan mengenali adat dan resam kaum-kaum di negara kita. Tol tak?

Atas niat suci tersebut, aku nak share dengan warga Malaya bagaimana cara-cara memasak buras. Ekceli aku nak post cara-cara membuat buras. Tapi time mak aku buat buras ni, aku takde kat rumah. keluar merayau dengan member. So apa aku dapat ketika pulang ke rumah? sudah pasti aku mendapat khutbah ringkas dari ibuku tersayang. Bukan dimarah ya.. just dinasihatkan. haha.

Ok, apakah Elemen-elemen yang diperlukan untuk memasak buras?

1. Emak yang baik hati dan penyayang, Ayah yang tabah dan sabar.
Mengapa? sebab merekalah yang akan menyediakan buras tersebut. Dan mereka jugalah yang akan membungkus, dan mengikatnya. Kalau pun korang ada tolong, kalau mak ayah korang tak suruh, kompem korang tak buat kan? Generasi muda zaman sekarang, just tahu nak terima beres je.(termasuk aku. hehe)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wah... Fun Fair Tawau is in the town again!!

[Separuh dari Iman itu ialah SABAR. manakala  yang separuh lagi itu, TIDAK SABAR]

Siapa hendak pergi ke fun fair?? SAYA CEKGU!!! - reaksi biasa student darjah 4 yang mengharapkan cikgunya bermurah hati membawa mereka kesana. Fun Fair kat tawau ni datang bermusim. biasanya setahun sekali. Almaklumlah, disini tiada SUnway Lagoon, TImes Square, mahupun Genting Theme Park.

Tapi tidak mengapa. Kalau terasa nak naik Roller-coaster, kami akan amik bangku kantin, duduk diatasnya beramai-ramai, dan slide menuruni bukit yang curam.

Kalau terasa mau naik Ferris Wheel, kami panjat ja pokok kelapa sampai mak ayah baling batu suh turun.

Kalau terasa mau naik Marry go round, kami pergi ja rumah si Mary. suh dia bawak kami jalan around town.

Kalau gian mau ke sunway lagoon. kami gi ja di Taman Bukit Tawau. Tambling belakang. (Kepada yang tidak tahu maksud tambling, bolehlah rujuk uncle Google)

Thats how we live our life here. Sebab tu bila fun fair ni muncul, korek tabung pun takpa! janji dapat pergi. Sedikit gambar mungkin dapat menghiburkan anda semua. Enjoy.....

[Click to enlarge the photos yeaa...dont be shy..hehe]

Kekal statik selama 5 saat, dan dalam masa yang sama dihantui perasaan bimbang orang telanggar tripod aku.... anyway, I Really like this!!! hehehe

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mari berhari Raya.... (Edisi 2)

[Hari ni student aku bagi kueh raya... sedap lazat terbaek!!]

Hai kawan kawan! (peergh skema seyh). Bertemu kita lagi. Hari ni aku nak sambung uplod gambar-gambar beraya kami tahun ni.

Sebelum tu, aku nak bgtahu yang hari ni aku agak hepi, ceria dan bersemangat. Kerana apa? sudah tentulah gembira di atas kemenangan Manchester United ke atas Liverpool semalam. A well and nicely done job for my team especially abang Berbatov kita. Hat-trick tu~~~~ hehehe. ok dah tanak cakap panjang nanti blog aku kena boikot dengan peminat team lain.

Ok, kalau stakat melihat wajah-wajah member aku ni, memang ramai yang akan mati selera kan? so apa kata aku share sikit benda yang aku terbaca tadi. berkaitan Adab ketika bertamu / bertandang ke rumah orang. Sesuai jugak lah dengan tema entry ni, iaitu beraya. hehe.

Siapa tahu nama kuih ini? Seperti org ramai di luar sana, aku hanya tahu makan saja. hehe

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Majlis Istiadat Konvokesyen ke dua belas Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris

[Tadi aku potong rambut.. boleh ke cekgu rambut pacak-pacak?]

Tajuk Entry aku ni pun sudah cukup skema untuk menjelaskan segala-galanya. Yup... setelah berhempas pulas selama 4 tahun, tanpa sebarang subject yang gagal, repeat, ataupun bodek lecturer untuk dapat A, akhirnya aku akan berkonvo pada 16 Oktober 2010.

In case ada geng upsi se-Batch aku yang termasuk dalam blog ni, bolehlah mengesahkan kehadiran konvo anda di SINI. Dan yang hendak mengetahui konvo anda sidang ke berapa, boleh rujuk di SINI.

Gambar sekadar hiasan

Konvo memang sangat dinanti oleh semua mahasiswa. Bagi aku, ini juga merupakan peluang untuk bawak parents aku round KL. Ayah aku dah 30 tahun tak pernah cuti (even hari raya pun dia kerja ok!) manakala mak aku teringin nak gi Genting.

Ok, sebenarnya aku ingin memberi sedikit saranan kepada para pembaca semua, berkaitan cara terbaik untuk memberi nama kepada anak lelaki anda. kepada yang akan bergelar ayah, yang ingin bergelar ayah, selagi anda bukan pengikut Ayah Pin, bolehlah mengambil pengajaran dari kisahku ini.

Ok semua, kat atas ni list name giliran pengurniaan ijazah untuk budak sains batch aku. Seperti yang anda lihat, namaku ialah yg telah sedia di highlight olehku.

Jangan perhatikan namaku, sebaliknya lihatlah nama-nama lain di dalam list tersebut. ya... semuanya PEREMPUAN.. Inilah bahana mempunyai nama berpangkal 'S' bagi lelaki. Walaupun namaku itu popular (hehehe...) tapi kalau dah sampai macam ni, mau tak aku duk diam je dalam dewan nanti! hahaha

So nasihatku, jangan bagi nama anak lelaki anda gengan huruf yang biasa di dominasi oleh kaum hawa. Kompom dia akan tersipu-sipu malu ketika konvo nanti..hehehe.

Apapun, aku tetap sangat-sangat bersyukur kerana telah menghabiskan pengajian. selangkah ke alam dewasa nampaknya. Semoga segalanya berjalan lancar..Amin...

"Anak Tiri Suluh Budiman" hak hak

Friday, September 17, 2010

Nuffnang itu Jantung Blog Saya.. hehe

[Post ni aku dah taip lama da..tapi tenet kong.. baru post hari ni..huk huk]

Nuffnang. blogger mana yang tak kenal. Wujudnya komuniti ini membuatkan blogger-blogger se Malaya semakin bersemangat untuk berkarya kerana disamping dapat menulis untuk tatapan dunia, mereka juga mampu menjana pendapatan sampingan.

As for me, yang sememangnya baru sangat berblog ni, aku diperkenalkan dengan nuffnang oleh sorang guru kat tempat aku prektikal beberapa bulan lepas. Aku prektikal tak jauh. kat Ampang sana. haha. Guru ni sebenarnya terbaca mengenai Nuffnang kat paper mana ntah, dan dia suh aku tolong usha kat internet cara-cara untuk menyertai Nuffnang nih.

Dengan hanya berblogging saja boleh dapat duit (Dia cakap lee). Siapa yang tak mahu kan? so aku pun merisik la macam mana nak join Nuffnang ni, and macam mana nak buat blog (part ni senang je...hehe). Aku tak berminat nak join. Just nak ajar cekgu tu camne nak buat. Tapi, akibat kesibukan kami bekerja, aku tak sempat nak ajar dia dan akhirnya aku pulak yang join. hahahaha.

Curik kat Komo

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Selamat Menyambut Hari Malaysia

[Dengan ini secara rasminya aku bersara dari aktiviti beraya pada tahun ini. penat~~]

Wokeh.. malam ni aku nak menyemarakkan lagi semangat 1 malaysia dalam kalangan umat manusia di negara ini. Ye lah, esok(16 sept) kan kita nak menyambut Hari Malaysia. Yeaaah!!

Siapa yang tidak tahu Hari Malaysia? Rujuklah Guru sejarah anda yang terdekat atau tanya saja pakcik google kita yah..

 Aku orang Sabah. As u know Sabah consist of so many ethnics and race, and I still cant find any other place (where i have been) where the peoples spoke many types of language. Ok poyo pulak budak Band 5 ni. hahahaa!!!! Gua kasi bukti yek!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mari berhari Raya.... (Edisi 1) [dslr mania]

[Hari raya ke-5, means berat aku dah bertambah 5 kilo]

Apa khabar anda semua? salam syawal, dan salam hari raya. Agak lama aku tidak mengupdate blog-ku. Tentulah kerana sibuk beraya. Anda juga begitu bukan? namun sesibuk-sibuk kita beraya, sibuk lagi bahu tuan rumah yang melayan karenah tetamu. namun semua dilakukan dengan penuh ikhlas. layanan mesra dan senyuman mengiringi juadah yang disediakan. Thats the true spirit of Raya...

Apapun menziarahi rumah keluarga dan rakan taulan dewasa ini sepertinya tidak lengkap tanpa kamera sebagai perakam kenangan. tidak kira la, vid cam ke, kamera henpon ke, kamera filem ke, atau pun dslr. kenangan manis adalah sesuatu yang pasti dapat membuat kita terseyum sendiri di kemudian hari.

Berikut ialah sedikit gambar kami beraya. yaa...tidak lah secantik mana... kerana daku juga masih belajar...

Ni kengkawan masa sekolah dulu~~

Kuih ni aku tak tau apa namanya.. dan yang memegang kuih tu pun aku agak lupa siapa namanya...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hari Raya is today

[Masih agak kekok untuk makan disiang hari...haha]

Ok, raya datang lagi... waktu yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh semua insan yang hendak menyambutnya. Hari kemenangan bagi mereka yang berpuasa, hari kegemilangan bagi mereka yang berzakat, hari kemakmuran bagi mereka yang beralamal dengan istiqamah. dan juga hari tumpang bergembira dan kadangkala melebih-lebih bagi mereka yang tak pernah puasa. hehe

Entry khas ini ditujukan kepada semua rakan bloggers, tidak mengira bangsa, agama, jantina (lelaki dan wanita sahaja ok). Semoga raya tahun ini memberi seribu satu makna kepada kita semua. Terimalah kad raya khas yang baru aku buat semalam. hehe..

*Buras tu makanan tradisi kami kat sabah ni..macam ketupat la lebih kureng~~hehe
Selamat beraya kepada semua. kepada adik-adik yang bizi menjelajah dari rumah ke rumah, ingatlah:
  1. Behave sket bila bertamu ke rumah orang
  2. jangan datang sampai dua tiga kali. mentang-mentangla rumah tu banyak bagi wit raya
  3. kalau wit raya ciput, jangan komplen. kalau nak wit banyak, gi mintak dgn bapak korang.
  4. kalau rumah tu tak bagi wit raya, jangan sesekali letupkan mercun kemudian lari.
  5. jangan main mercun. orang melayu kita ni kreatif. main mercun semua pun nak modify. tengok la time raya cina. penah ke dengar dalam berita ah cai n amoi masuk sepital kena mercun? takde kan? beringat la weh..
Bermain bunga api menggunakan helmet lebih selamat. hehe

Super Saiya
WOkeh... berhati-hatilah ketika beraya. senyum selalu. nangis jangan tak mahu. sekian~~~

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kebakaran di Kampung Pasir Putih Tawau.

[Musibah demi musibah melanda... be strong my fellow villagers!!!]

Baru sebentar tadi berlakunya kebakaran di Kampung Pasir Putih. Ketika aku menaip post ni pun, api masih belum dikawal sepenuhnya. MEnyedihkan sungguh, tatkala umat Islam sudah mula bercountdown untuk menyambut raya, ujian sebegini harus ditempuh.

Lebih menyayat hati, benda ni berlaku tidak lama selepas banjir besar melanda kampung ni. sila rujuk SINI. Belum reda isu banjir, belum settle isu bantuan, belum habis membersihkan rumah, kebakaran pula datang menimpa. 

Here is another chapter of "Tear Drops in White Sand"

Through My window I can see.... Dari tingkap bilik aku macam sekolah yg terbakar. macam dekat.. so aku bergegas ke sana.. dengan baju tidak semena, dengan seluar puntung, dengan hanya berbekalkan DSLR canon murah ku ini...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

GAY. Kesan hubungan sejenis terhadap kesihatan

[Sekolah sudah mula bercuti. Bestnya. dengan kata lain gurunya juga turut bercuti, dan merekalah yang paling hepi. hahaha]

Pasti anda pernah mendengar isu mengenai Gay bukan? Dengar saja Gay, pasti yang terbayang di benak ulu hati kita ialah, dua LELAKI yang suka melakukan "aktiviti" bersama. Apakah aktiviti itu? tak perlu lah saya kempen disini. yang pastinya aktiviti itu bukanlah bermain catur, memasak, berforum ataupun bercucuk tanam. owh ada kot sedikit menyerupai bercucuk tanam. tapi lain yang dicucuk la if u know wut i mean.. (hahahaha..)

Actually, perkataan GAY tu pada asalnya membawa maksud lain, iaitu untuk menggambarkan perasaan  "carefree", "happy", atau "bright and showy". Amazing words for "amazing" people.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tokek and the gang muncul lagi!

[pesal la internet sejak akhir-akhir ni seperti ayam]

Tokek berwarna hijau! tokek hulk ke?

Yup.. hari ini aku nak berbicara lagi tentang sang tokek, tokke, or gecko in english. Mengapa? adakah aku pembekal tokek? adakah aku begitu intim dan bersahabat dengan cicak besar bersaiz king kong nih? jawapannya mudah! tengok sendiri.

Tiada yang lain melainkan tokke

Kalau nak melayan post aku yang lepas pasal tokek ni, klik SINI.


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