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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Today I'll post the third entry for this contest by Nuffnang entitled "as written above". Can I make it in time? hope so. The closing date is on the 1st October right? *smile*

Ok lets move on. On the previous entry I have express my 'feelings' on Why I want a Digi iPhone 4 and which is my iPhone  favorite apps. As for today, I will let ourselves to be surprised on what Digi iPhone 4 plans has to offer us. And why I love it, of course. Citizens, behold !!

Actually I have posted this table in my first task. but what the heck. Lets do this again.
Having an iPhone 4 without Digi is like giving hugs without a squeeze. Its also the same as having a ketupat without rendang on Hari Raya. In other words, if you intend to make your life colorful with iPhone 4, you must have Digi with it. If not, your life will be colorless, if you know what I mean.

Why do I love this Digi iPhone 4 plans? Ok, lets assume that I'm still a student. So I will go for the Rm58 per month plan right? (being a student  means you have choose the cheapest menu okay). 

Not this kind of student yah... University student..

With only Rm58, I get to call my parents for 100 minutes and the other 100 minutes to call my sweetheart. And it is Free! Weeee!!. Then comes the free sms, 150 of the free sms will go to my sweetheart, and the other 50 will go my fellow classmates, for the purpose of asking them to do my assignments. hahahaha... My parents, owh they didn't like texting sms. How about the 20 free mms? One word. Girlfriend. It is what normal people do right? On top of that, I get a monthly usage of 1GB internet. Cool!!

Then I'll graduate (actually its next month), get a descent job and dressed up like a politician (hopefully) and all that. At the very least, I will get the RM88 per month plan. 450 minutes of free voice calls?? Amazing!! 200 will go to my parents, 200 will go to my sweetheart, and the other 50, is to call my wedding planner. hehehe. Thats me. How about you guys? Interesting right?

More, I will also get cheaper call rates to 6 of your friends and families. This will make your life better with all the people you love. I love this plans. So should you. Having a Digi iPhone 4 is surely a fortune. For real man! 

You can also replace the 6 FnF with 6 GF (girlfriends). hehehe
Thats it for the third task. Looking forward for the last one yeaah!!! Good luck to us all~~~ For more info on this awesome plans, visit HERE

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