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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Good Day everybody. As written on the post title, this is the second task of the Digi iPhone 4 contest. By now, most bloggers have completed all 4 task and I'm still here thanks to my "unstable" internet connection for the past few days. That why this is a good time for me to have an iPhone 4 from Digi. hehe

This iPhone will look so much better with my fingers on it. hehehe
Ok fine. I don't have an iPhone. Unsurprisingly, I never touched one. But I surely know that this device can color your life as you wanted it to be. The default apps in it are already mind-blowing. And guess what, you can always browse for more application made only for iPhone. Meaning, you can only use all these marvelous apps just in iPhone, not in your vacuum cleaner. hehe.

I'm a big movie fan. Sometimes I can feel in my forehead, the word 'movie' was written on it (joking!). What does it has to do with iPhone? as I browse on google, I happens to find out that this device has  a Movie Apps. 

Well, with this, I guess one of my dreams has come true. I can always find informations on new movies, trailers, and even the hot babes on the movies. To get it more interesting, I can find the nearest cinemas and book tickets online! wow! All these I can do anytime, and almost anywhere (excepts when i'm swimming.. is iPhone 4 waterproof? heee)

Just with one apps, i'm stunned for a fer second. Wait till I found out more about the other apps. I'm sure everyone felt the same too. This iPhone 4 from Digi, is suitable for anyone alive. Take my mom for an example, she will kiss me all day long if I give her an iPhone 4 with Apps for Cooks.

Again, as I said it many times before, Digi has added more spices to the usage of iPhone. No one could resist and watch this offer slips away. With so much apps in iPhone, there is no telling when will you get bored with it.

As Buzz Lightyear always said, "TO INFINITY..... & BEYOOOOOOND~~~~". 

My first Task : DiGi iPhone 4 Me


  1. semoga berjaya! ramai gler yang join benda nih. cam besh laakk

  2. bro sop: ade lagi 2 enty..hahaha...



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