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Thursday, September 30, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

Ok! lets start the last task (yahoooo...!) This one is easier i guess. Just pictures. But seriously, I still want to tell you about my friend's iPhone.  

This just came back to me. Actually I did touched an iPhone once. Its on my third year in UPSI. My friend bought it. Waah... me and the others was so jealous of him. He gets to use an iPhone while us, still using a "stone aged" handphone.

We did get the chance to touch and try it for about 10 seconds. Most of us afraid that we might drop it in the process so no one is brave enough to hold it longer than 10 seconds.

Since that day, we become obsessed with the tech. The jealousy towards my iPhone friend increased especially when we saw him playing or texting with his iPhone in front of our sad eyes. So we began to dream that one day, we'll have a better iPhone, or maybe, more iPhone than him. Hahaha

Click to enlarge... I insist!
Daydreaming was the best thing to do for students with financial problems like us. It helped in calming ourselves. You should try it too! haha. Then, my iPhone friend did it again. Everytime he calls his girlfriend, he did it in front of us. What an eyesore! Calling a girl using an iPhone in front of us??
"Sayang... sayang watpe tuuu... dah makan le beloom? abang winduu laaaa"
Arrgh!!! from that day, most of us began to hallucinate about iPhone. Everything look just like an iPhone!

I still strongly insist that you click to enlarge the picture...
See?? even the stars looks like an iPhone! But we still managed to get a hold of ourselves. And this was where the most irritating part happened. My iPhone friend suddenly became famous among our coursemates. And worse, all the nice looking girl also began to approach him. Huh!! that was the one thing that we cannot do in a thousand years and he managed to did it with an iPhone in his hand.

We can't survive anymore. We became addicted to iPhone. Just like a drug addict. We began to shiver in coldness. And no one was there for us. The word "iPhone" crossed our head like almost of the time....

You can click to enlarge.. you know it right??
That was our dark ages. But somehow we managed to survive. My iPhone friend did not do anymore 'stunts' that can make us kill ourselves just to get an iPhone.

This is the last pic. Click to enlarge. Or I'll do it myself! hehehe

But my story has a happy ending. You know that right? it is where the good people laugh together at the end of the story. One day, we found out that my friend's so called expensive iPhone was actually made in China. It only cost around RM400. Hahahaha. My handphone is more expensive lah!

That wraps up the final task. I'm enjoying the past four days completing this Digi iPhone 4 contest by Nuffnang. Wish me luck. And good luck to other contestants. Chaaaaw!!!

Ps : The story above is true. except for the hallucinating and iPhone addicted part. Made that up just to spice up the story! hehehehe 

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  1. gudluck, hehe the last picture nice la :D klaka huhu

  2. gud luck k...konpem leh menag nie...n3 best...gempak... =))

  3. gudluck suichi...ade harapan ni...lain drpd lain..kreatif sgt :D

  4. hahahaha, nice entry.. insya Allah, blh menang nih.. sapa tau blh dpt iphone free jer kan.. jeles mamaG.. hahaha..

    memang lawak entry nih.. terlalu kreatif..

  5. haha! semanga tol nk bertarungkan iphone.bro.aku dapat tahu ko pemenang la!hehehe.;-)dalam mimpi aku je..;-)

  6. alah xde semangat mane pon... aku wat post ni dengan edit pic sume xsampai pon sejam... cincai punya maaa...



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