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Friday, May 20, 2011

Mokuou.. spell it right, say it right..


With eyes full of hope, filled with determination, he said…

“sir..aku mahu betul lulus English nanti exam sir..tapi macam mana..sejak aku lahir aku gagal jak terus..”

Well what can I say.. say it isn’t so lah jawabnya..
IMG_1769 (2) copy

The pics was taken at pantai mokuou, tungku, lahad datu. A really nice place with a nice view. And if you got lucky, you can see some nice view of a nice girl in swimsuit too~~ hehe.

IMG_1733 (2)-2 copy

Our land Malaysia is so rich with all these kind of scenery. Just name it. Island? Beaches? we have it all. Bitches? that’s another thing. Beach and Bitch almost sounds the same but trust me, you might get a slap because of pronunciation.

IMG_1740 (2) copy

Sometimes one will seek a place like this to feel a breeze of fresh air,especially those who spent almost the entire working week breathing dust. Such as me. Sitting here quietly, listening to the sound of the ocean, and whispering all the evergreen songs from alleycats, westlife, and Inul Daratisna. Fuh.. Deng good!

IMG_1759 (2) copy

If swimming is your middle name, so this is heaven. Bring along your tights. For man, I propose wearing a proper swimsuit that didn’t expose your ‘boroi’ness. For women, you know the drill. Don’t blame us men for keeping both eyes on you since you’re the one that make our nose bleed in the first place. Ya kami mungkin alim macam ustaz. Tapi ustaz juga manusia. Smile with tongue out

IMG_1762 (2) copy

Remember to watch where you’re going. Coz you wont know what inside there waiting for you. If it’s a mermaid with a Megan Fox face, then you’re lucky. But if it is an electric eel with a length of 10 feet, owh God.. God bless you.

Just keep in mind that even though your brother is Ian Thorpe and your brother in law is Daniel Bego, when it comes to dealing with sea water, be careful ok! Humans don’t have gills. so we can drown.

IMG_1792 (2) copy

Jauh aku merapu. Emm.. Owh ya! sometimes not just the sea. The soft dance from the coconut trees can also make your soul fly all the way to Korea. In addition, the breeze of the wind will make your soul fly back here from Korea, bringing along some cute Korean girls. Owh I love nature.

IMG_1738 (2) copy

For the past 1 month I’ve been teaching my students about photosynthesis, respiration, and awareness of keeping the environment sweet and adorable. I think nowadays loving nature must be a common sense so that it can be practiced. Meaning, anyone who against it can be labeled as idiot or a jackass.

This is not the prehistoric era. During that times, ‘berak di tepi jalan’ doesn’t mean anything coz there were always dinosaurs to clean the mess for you. Today, even littering a plastic waste can be considered unforgivable. We always do this. Not excluding me. Disappointed smile

IMG_1795 copy

As a conclusion, with all do respect, lets start with the man/women reading this post. One person act might not make a difference, but it always started with the man in the mirror.

That’s all for now. Funny every time I update this baby, my fever kills my liver. Enjoy life okay~~

**Sudir Suichi**
~Sorry for the grammatical error.. if any~~


  1. ini d tunku ka atau di pakalangan di semporna?

  2. d tungku ni..
    dekat kampung ku dah ni..
    but why u spell it mokuou?
    kmi biasa makuau jak.. ngeh3x...

    tp semmat la pic ko.. =)

  3. Nice picture and nicely written.

    Gambar yg last tu i LIKE!

  4. i like!!! gambar ke2 mmg superb!!!

  5. sarcastically N I C E~ honest opinion all de way from here ^__^



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