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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Rockin’ Stompin’ Sabah 2010

Peace Be Upon You..

**This post is sponsored by NUFFNANG

Howdy mate!! Hope you all enjoy this feel good life here in the peaceful Malaysia. As mentioned in my previous entry,CELCOM Stompin’ Sabah was in the land below the wind. Well, the event has ended so for those who misses it, lets hope its going to be around next year okay!

As for today, I will tell you how rockin’ this event has been, which will make you say, ‘Thank you CELCOM!!’

Ok lets start..I’m no good at telling stories. But when it comes to telling stories from pictures, I’m your man!
This is the entrance to Jesselton Point, where it all happen.. Its raining. But no big deal. Rain won’t stop Sabahan. Winking smile


Thanx to our NUFFNANG, here I’ve got 10 VIP tickets. Yup.. 10. T.E.N. In bahasa, SEPULUH. One for me, eight for my friends, and the other one I will frame it. Open-mouthed smile. Moreover, its VIP man! Very Important/Interesting/Incredible Person.

The VIP’s.. yup.. NUFFNANG and CELCOM treats us bloggers as VIP’s. Cool eh?

The crowd. Due to the pouring water from above, umbrella has become the most popular accessories on that night. But as I said before, rain won’t stop us from having fun with CELCOM.

Now on to the performance. The awesome night was kicked-off by several local Sabahan bands and artist. I didn’t get to snap all their pictures due to heavy rain. I don’t mind getting myself all wet but when a single drop of water touches my camera, I could cry all day long. Laughing out loud

This is a screen picture of Toi from AF6. Man he is so talented! how many person on earth can play that angklung (am I spelling this right?) of his? A good Malaysian quality..

Another Malaysian that make us proud. Shawn Lee. Is this guy even human?? How on earth did he do all that beat-boxing thingy? I’m amazed!! I’m amazed!!! Disappointed smile Disappointed smile

There was a lot of fun from a lot of figures on the stage that night. Some even made me forgot to take their pictures. For example, the guys from Singapore, Wicked Aura Batucada. They rock Stompin’ Sabah like an army on the stage.

You don’t need a hair to paaaarttyyy~~~~ Thank you CELCOM!

On the screen above we have Dickens. The guitarist from the Planet Krypton. Joking! He’s from Ranau. Well he’s totally cool okay. The best young guitarist I’ve seen so far. It was so nice of CELCOM to expose a young talent like this.

And finally.. the moment I’ve been waiting for. Man Kidal. Brought to you live on the stage of Sompin’ Sabah by CELCOM!!! He’s a legend! He’s awesome! He’s Great! But wait! its gets better when you see this person…….

Joe Wings!! Another legend!!! Wow what a nice strategy from CELCOM for bringing these two figures to Sabah. Really like Man kidal and Joe Wings. Why?? Coz I am also a lefthanded person like them. But can’t play the guitar like them. Smile with tongue out

Behold the power of 50mm lens!!

Next, a big battle from Man Kidal and Dickens. Again, my eyes stayed open without blinking until they finished. Nice one!!


She was the main reason why Jesselton Point is flooded with human in the first place. Ella. The rock queen of Malaysia. Energetic, pretty, and marvelous voice of her will surely takes your breath away. Thank you CELCOM

That was the closing performance of the night. It ends around 2 am. All audience went back with a full satisfaction. As for me, being invited here by CELCOM & NUFFNANG was a big pleasure. Really enjoyed the night. It was really nice of CELCOM to held this event here in Sabah. Hopefully this ain’t the last one. Thank you CELCOM!

**This post is sponsored by NUFFNANG



  1. lama sda aku ndak pegi jesselton.. hehe

  2. Ndak asinya ko pi juga di sana tu tapi ndak da jumpa2.. mencari juga sebenarnya tp mukamu pun ndak dikenal. adidididi. padahal set sudah pas stompin pi minum2 teh tarik sama2 kunun, last2 ko ndak da dijumpa.

  3. sini dekat sudah kita.. tapi jumpanya d sana kan. semuanya kerana Stompin'. Stompin' ni Macam reunion pun ya juga..he3.

  4. wah!!!best2!!!!hihi..sgt jeles ow ging..huhu..neway tenet sa sgt slow nk tgl jejak nie..tgl komen ja ok boss...hihi...mana pic ko eh??hihi

  5. thanks for sharing....STOMPIN 2010 was great



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