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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ketoyong36 in my heart..

Many said that the best time in your life, is your school time. I definitely agree tanpa sebarang bantahan. Coz during that time u learn most of things that are important in life. Friendship..Respect..Hardwork..Monkey Love (Cinta Monyet) and so much mucher muchest more. This may sound a little GAY but its the truth.

Thats why during my practical i always told my students, treasure the time u have now. get a much as u can. Dont be a nerd but dont 4get to work hard. But what they do? they didn't listen and play poker at the back of the class. Siot toll la.. hahahaha...

Since we are near with Ramadhan, bulan mulia penuh Baraqah, I want to show a little something that me and my fellow housemates at Ketoyong 36 did during the fasting month. Very nostalgic, entertaining, and real. haha.. actually i want to wait until Ramadhan.. tp xpe la..

I pick this up from my friendster. Mak aih lama gila x bukak frenster....This was made around two years ago.. Enjoy...

[Baca dari sini ke -----------------------------------------------> sini]

-------------------------------KETOYONG 36-------------------------------------------


  1. best ah! gud job ah~! :P wat ah lagi cmnie....

  2. nice..tak nak wat yg baru ke? hehe

  3. i have nO idea on how to left my wordprint in ur shOutbox.huhu.
    so..nice blOg!

  4. ni dah mcm buku majalah skolah yg ade drama2 tu..ahahha..awesome!

  5. eee bestnya... seronok dok ramai2 kan?

  6. heee...suke2..kretip tul korang meng-komik-kan life korang....

  7. hahah..comel je cite..smpai pening2 nak baca

  8. wkwkwkwk..
    komiknya lucu banget..
    walau kadang bingung sama artinya..
    ayo ayo,buat lagi,he3...

  9. aku da baca kat friendster dulu...besh2...

    link aku yg bru nih..



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